The Beauty of Science

I draw inspiration from creativity in science, and the ability to take and manipulate the science to benefit society. I also draw creativity from great leaders of our times. Phil Jackson, he brought Zen into the chaotic environment, Colin Powel, Madeline Albright.

However, even though I am an engineer by training, some days, I feel like I am more of a scientist than an engineer, other days, I am a math whiz, coz I am fascinated by numbers, that which can amount to an absolute and even show a trend, that could predict what your shopping habits could be in the future, or used to preserve a product such that you can consume it at later date. However, careerwise I settled to being an Engineer because I figured one can combine the science(exploring), engineering (application) and math (analysis) to invent, innovate and analysis to solve daunting problems. You see, education has always come easily to me, there is not a subject that I never excelled, whether it was history or physical education. I grasp things quickly, I work quickly, and then I need to move to the next challenging thing. In essence, I need to be high on a challenge. I am inherently a problem-solver.

Written on October 23, 2017